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TET connects startups, investors, corporations, real estate and finance professionals with the mission to accelerate innovation in these industries.

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    Find out how we’re leading the tech shift by engineering the success of startup teams disrupting real estate and fintech industry.

    TET community is designed to inspire and engage your mind. Whether it’s directly educational or purely social, involvement with TET promotes a stronger and more collaborative community.

    "Join us as we are building the Real Estate and FinTech Innovation Network in the US. 

    Whether you are just at the Idea stage, generating revenue or part of something bigger - TET will help you launch your product, scale your company or streamline your Corporate Innovation process."

    Alex Pelin, Founder @ TET

    Our Products:


    The TET Conference - connects Startups, Corporations, Investors, Real Estate Agents and Finance Professionals.

    Pitching events - connect startups with Angel, VC and Corporate Investors from the Real Estate and Finance Industries.


    Investor Training

    TechEstate Today’s Investor Immersion Training is a three-day crash course for investors seeking insights into best practices and trends in Silicon Valley tech investing.


    Corporate Innovation

    TET helps corporations implement startup methodologies to build and streamline their internal innovation funnel and connect with startups in order to stay relevant through external innovation efforts. 


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    TET Values

    Our core product is our Network: the Entrepreneurs, Real Estate and Finance Professionals, Marketers, Investors, Corporations and Startups that benefit from our products.

    Our success lies within the success we are providing to every single member of our Ecosystem.

    Be humble

    We celebrate success and take responsibility together.

    Stay Curious

    A great workplace is made out of stellar team members who can learn from each other.

    Be lean

    Think and execute like a startup, build-measure-learn-iterate. Deliver fast with attention to details.

    One planet, One Species

    TET activates on a strong belief in environmental responsibility. We assist with creating technologies that help reverse the damages caused through centuries of harmful human activities.

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