Startup Innovation for Corporations

Lean startups have been disrupting industries by using unique business models and technologies. These characteristics and techniques are in most cases foreign to the corporate world.

Corporations from traditional industries understand that in order to grow and avoid disruption connecting and working with startups is critical.

In the recent years fast evolving technologies allowed dozens of startups to enter the Real Estate and Finance industries. But there is a lack of connection and roadmap on how to work with startups within these industries. We’ve built a unique, Silicon Valley style, Innovation Program for Corporations.

TET helps corporations implement startup methodologies to build and streamline their internal innovation funnel and connect with startups in order to stay relevant through external innovation efforts.

Our program focuses on internal and external innovation that any corporation needs in order to stay ahead of competition and minimize the risk of disruption.


  • Course Type:

    Seminars, Case Studies, Networking and Startup Demos

  • Seats available:


  • Duration:

    3 days

  • Location:

    to be announced

  • Dates:

    to be announced

  • Price:

    to be announced

Who should attend?
  • digital strategists
  • brand managers
  • corporate innovation managers
  • marketing professionals
  • product managers
  • executives
What to expect:
  • How are the World's top brands implementing Startup Innovation.
  • Learn how the startup innovation methodology can bring down costs and deliver higher corporate innovation results.
  • Identify the latest emerging technology trends in your industry.
  • How to get started with startup introductions that will help your organization with creating a competitive advantage.
  • How Silicon Valley's unique innovation process works and what your organization can learn from it's culture & innovation practices.
  • Put your knowledge into practice by evaluating 10 real startups raising capital at our private Demo Day


Josh Baillon

Digital Innovation Manager / Nestle
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Alex Pelin

Co-founder / TET
more to be announced soon...
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